Rachel Oval Pendant Necklace with Vegan Suede

Rachel Oval Pendant Necklace with Vegan Suede

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The Rachel is a made-to-order piece that begins with a carefully chosen piece of turquoise that is rigorously inspected to ensure that it meets our quality standards.  Next, because turquoise is a naturally fragile and soft mineral, it is carefully reconstituted, to add strength and a protective coating so that it will be protected from scratches, it's then and strung on your choice of either tan or black vegan suede; every Rachel is made by hand in Austin, Texas, USA by our artisans that are paid ethical, living wages.  Before each is sent out, they are inspected again for quality, before being carefully packaged and shipped out.  $5 is donated to charity, because, well that's what we're all about.  What's more? In crystal healing, turquoise promotes friendship and self-love.



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Designed for the girl with wanderlust on her mind, and passion in her heart. She’s spontaneous, driven, and cares about making a difference! This is the perfect gift for that world-traveler friend we all know and love. And, it's vegan. Ethical fashion is SO in right now.

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Girl in blue: @dareanddelight
Girl in Black: @shaina_madela