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How to Win the Bedtime Battle

Bedtime can be tricky for anyone, and for parents it can be a nightmare! Getting your little ones to adhere to bedtime and a bedtime routine can feel like a full-time job. But there are plenty of ways to help them, and you, experience less stress and anxiety around bedtime.

Stress-free bedtime

The end of the day is hard. Kids are tired from a long day of play and school and it makes everything they encounter more stressful and anxiety-producing. When kids are stressed, parents feel the pressure, and your kid's bedtime can be the hardest part of any parent's day. Luckily, there are several hints, tips, and products that can help your kids get good sleep and help everyone enjoy their bedtime routine!

Individual bedtimes and wake-up times

Each kid is different and their bedtimes should reflect their individual needs. It may seem much simpler to put all of your kids to bed at the same time but you’ll deal with more issues due to resistance. Night owl kids won’t fall asleep until their bodies are ready and early risers will always be up early no matter how late you put them to bed.

Create individual bedtimes that work for them and for you to ensure they get plenty of sleep each night. School-age kids should get between 9 and 11 hours of sleep each night. Set a specific wake-up time based on how much sleep they need and customize it to the individual child. This gives them a set routine to ensure they know what's happening. It also allows their bodies to adjust and it all to become routine.

Bedtime routine

Routine is crucial for anyone but especially for children. A consistent bedtime routine will help kids adjust and switch to bedtime mode with less stress.

A quality bedtime routine often includes a bath, brushing teeth, bedtime stories, and then being tucked into bed. The routine becomes a ritual that lets their minds and bodies know it's time for sleep. Be unwavering during this routine! Even the slightest variations can throw a kid off course and cause them more stress.

Alleviate fears

Fears like monsters under the bed or in the closet may not seem like much to us, but for a kid it can be overwhelming. Help alleviate these fears by checking those hiding places and providing your child with something that gives them comfort like a blanket or stuffed animal.

Products like the Dreamimals Lamby is a great option for parents who want to help alleviate fears for their children. The cuddly lamb is something great to hold on to and you can spend time together as part of a bedtime routine writing out what your nighttime dreams will be!


Routine is important for any kid's life at any time of day but to help reduce stress for parents and kids at bedtime, a bedtime routine is essential to a good night’s sleep. Alleviating your child’s fears as well as customizing bedtimes creates a safe environment for your kids to relax and let their bodies switch naturally to preparing for sleep! Quality bedtime routines mean less stress all around.

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