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Essential Oil Benefits for Stress Relief

Finding the best stress relief routine for you may take some time and patience. One of the best stress-reducing, worry-quelling routines that have become popular in recent years is essential oils! The olfactory senses are some of the most powerful, so the smells from essential oils can do wonders for helping you manage stress and anxiety.

Stress relief and essential oils

Smell is powerful, and vigorous research has shown that it has an intimate link with regions of the brain. Olfactory senses trigger emotional responses throughout life, since smell is strongly linked to memory. Utilizing essential oils helps connect the brain to these olfactory senses creating a new pathway around the stressful situation.

Research has shown that essential oils and aromatherapy can alter brain waves and behavior including reducing the perception of stress, increasing the level of contentment, and decreasing the level of cortisol.


Each method of aromatherapy is unique, and candles are a simple and accessible way to get started. Lighting a candle has a calming effect and the scent quickly fills a room. Choose candles that fall within the stress relief spectrum of essential oils and that give off a strong enough scent to be present in the space.


Essential oil diffusers don't use an open flame like a candle and can be run off batteries or be plugged in. Diffusers create a soothing atmosphere and are available in different styles and structures adding to the ambiance of the room.

Essential oils for stress relief

Each essential oil has a slightly different composition and helps with various aspects of stress relief. Choosing a quality essential oil to be diffused or added to body products will help you create a stress-free space for you and your family.


Lavender is one of the most common essential oils for stress relief. It’s known to have a calming effect on the mind and body and lessen anxiety when used and smelled. There are tons of different lavender products including bath salts, massage oil, lavender tea, and lavender essential oil. They provide an overall calming effect that helps with anxiety and stress.


Most commonly seen to promote relaxation, bergamot is derived from the peel of citrus fruit and lessens stress by improving negative emotions and fatigue. This oil is potent and should always be used with a carrier oil. Dilute it with another milder oil before being applied to the skin or added to the bath. One of the best ways to use this is by putting it in a diffuser.

Lemongrass oil

There's little hard evidence for how lemongrass works; in trials, participants had an almost immediate reduction in stressful thoughts after inhaling the diffused oil! It reduces anxiety symptoms and promotes relaxation in no time.


Olfactory senses are powerful and can have a deep, impactful response to stress. Essential oils are simple to use but have a powerful effect on stressful feelings! As an all-natural choice, they make a great solution for anyone struggling with stress or anxiety.

Interested in trying out essential oils in your life? Check out our the "smells" section on our website today!

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